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Acworth's Mission to Achieve

In January 2009, staff from the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department began volunteering their time with a handful of students from nearby neighborhoods. After spending a couple hours a week engaging in recreational activities, the City of Acworth decided to prioritize helping local youth succeed. By the end of February 2009, the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department developed the Acworth Achievers Mentoring and After School Program.

Partnering with Cobb County Public Schools and Cobb's Success For All Students Initiative, Acworth Achievers is now the driving force behind youth outreach in the Acworth area. 

The Acworth Achievers mission is to provide middle and high school students educational assistance, consistent recreational activities, adult guidance and encouragement through mentorship to develop positive and more advantageous habits.

Mayor Tommy Allegood on the City of Acworth's mission to help it's youth achieve.

Acworth Achievers Win "Mayor's Choice" Award in Scarecrow Parade 10/3/17

For a fun, fall project, the Acworth Achievers participated in the 2017 Scarecrow Parade. The Scarecrow Parade is a contest that the City of Acworth along with its Downtown Development Authority sponsor to bring a fall "feel" to the downtown area. Groups, classes, organizations and businesses from all over Acworth participate in this city wide event.

This year's theme was to represent your class, business, or organization. Each Achiever made a mini scarecrow made out of Popsicle sticks and other art supplies to represent themselves. They then put them on display in front of the big student scarecrow to represent the program as whole. The Achievers were so creative and innovative that they won the "Mayor's Choice" award! To congratulate the students for their hard work, we had a pizza party to celebrate! Congratulations Acworth Achievers!

Acworth Achievers Start Their Fit Club 9/5/17

The Acworth Achievers are taking a new initiative this school year with the start of a Fit Club, with the hopes of promoting healthier lifestyles. The first Tuesday of each month, we will walk a 5K in the local area with the first 5K taking place on Tuesday, September 5! Each month we will also do one additional activity that will range anywhere from participating in a midnight kickball tournament to a cardio class to learning how to create healthy and delicious snacks! Calendars were sent home with each student on the first day of the program with schedules of each activity.


We also welcome all families to participate in our 5K each month! We will begin at 5 PM! Students are still encouraged to study and complete school work so we will have a staff member stay behind each session to ensure work is getting completed and to assist with any needs!

Community Service: Horizon League Kickball 6/20/17

On Tuesday, June 20th, the Acworth Achievers were able to give back to their community by volunteering with the local special needs kickball league. The Horizon Kickball League is a non-competitive kickball league for athletes with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Each student had a "buddy" for each game and were able to assist the athlete with special needs for the duration of the game. This community service activity is one of the Achievers' favorites, and they cannot wait for the next chance to get out there and buddy again!

For more information on how to get involved with the Acworth Horizon Special Needs League please visit

Atlanta National College Fair 3/19/17

On Sunday, March 19th, the Acworth Achievers took a trip down to the Georgia International Convention Center for the Atlanta National College Fair. There were colleges and universities there from all around the United States and 5,000 people in attendance.  The students were able to meet one-on-one with college representatives to ask any questions they may have or to get information about a particular school. There was also a counseling/resource center available to students to talk to a counselor about choosing a major, financial aid scholarship information, and more. The Achievers took a BIG step in their college search by attending this college fair!

Operation Snatch Back 2/16/17

On Thursday, February 16th, the Acworth Achievers welcomed Mr. Ron Green and team to speak to the group. Ron is the co-founder of Operation Snatch Back and also a speaker and mentor to youth who may have fallen into similar situations that he faced growing up. His ultimate goal is to redirect, empower, and restore young men and women to be crime-free, productive, and successful citizens. He spoke to the Achievers about issues that youth face and different tactics to use to ensure that they stay on the right path of life. His presentation included two mentor speakers that gave their testimonials and advice for our group about things that they have learned along the way. The most interesting part is all of the mentors were from the Acworth area which gave our students a real-life look into how people can get off track even in the area they live in!

We want to thank Mr. Ron and Operation Snatch Back for taking the time to come out and impact our students. We welcome them back any time!


The United States Army Visits the Achievers 1/31/16

The United States Army came to visit and speak to the Achievers on January 31st. They were able to relate to the Achievers and give them information on the benefits on enlisting. Both sergeants stressed the importance of getting into the military early that way you are able to retire early. They spoke about the different jobs the Army has to offer and the interest of all the Achievers. If you are into sports, the Army has all the different sports teams. If you like working with animals, you can find yourself being a Vet Tech. If you like working with computers, you may be able to work in IT for the Army. The opportunities are endless not to mention you will be serving your country!

The Acworth Achievers enjoy finding ways to better their future, and the Army is just one of the many ways they can find their path.

MLK Day 2017 1/16/17

The Achievers celebrated Martin Luther King Day at historic Bethel AME Church on January 16th. Prior to the celebration at the church, the Achievers joined the community in a Unity Walk from City Hall to Bethel. Reverend Leela Waller welcomed everyone to the church and opened the celebration with prayer. Mayor Allegood gave a warm welcome to everyone and praised Acworth's diversity and united community. He then introduced the guest speaker Vaughn Williams, director of athletics at Kennesaw State University.

Williams gave a moving speech with three key take aways: Choose Love, Seek Truth, and Create Community. His speech was then followed by a presentation by our very own Evah Nganga and Ruth Njorogoe who both gave a very inspirational presentation about MLK Day.

After the celebration, the Achievers and volunteers from the community hosted a MLK Day of Service activity at Bethel. The group and community residents partnered to rake leaves and plant flowers around the church.

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The Expanding Horizons and Acworth Achievers programs have selected participants for an all expenses paid trip to Philadelphia, PA. The group will be taking a four day trip that will consist of historical tours as well as new and innovative tours of the city. What a time to be in such a great city!

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